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to the Inner Unierse

sound meditation and movement

During one and a half hours, we immerse ourselves in a sound space, experiencing different levels of consciousness that connect us to our multi-dimensional, inner world and the source of all being. In this connection, we experience authentic expression of our true nature.

We invite you to relax for an hour and half, to sit down or lie down, to open yourself to your inner universe, to immerse yourself in a common space of present existence, to listen to the instruments and voices that ring, to sweep and carry your bodies to let go of delicate waves, vibrations, sounds and rhythms, listening to the inner impulses, merging in an infinity, which is detached from time and space.

What happens in the evening depends on the moment itself and all those involved.

08:00 p.m. (after silent dinner)

Bring with you:
Comfortable clothes

It plays with DIUINITUS:
* Oleg Bondarenko - cello & guitar
* Marlen Martha Maria Groher - voice, guitar, tambura monochord

Wednesday, 24 of April 2019

Eremito Hotelito de l’Alma, Italy