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journey to the inner temple

sound meditation in OM

During one and a half hours, we immerse ourselves in a sound space, experiencing different levels of consciousness that connect us to our multi-dimensional, inner world and the source of all being. In this connection, we experience authentic expression of our true nature.

Everything around us is created by sound and vibration, and as beings we transmit these vibrations through the environment in which we find ourselves. Our connection with our well-being and the universal flow of creation can be shared with love and the presence of happiness.


We invite you to relax for an hour and half, to sit down or lie down, to open yourself to your inner universe, to immerse yourself in a common space of present existence, to listen to the instruments and voices that ring, to sweep and carry your bodies to let go of delicate waves, vibrations, sounds and rhythms, listening to the inner impulses, merging in an infinity, which is detached from time and space.

What happens in the evening depends on the moment itself and all those involved.

We ask you in silence (wordlessly) to enter the room from the Jenseits at 6:45 p.m., to find your place and set up so that we can start with the sound meditation at 7 p.m.. We will finish meditating at around 8:30 pm. After the meditation in the room, we ask you to remain silent (wordless) so that everyone can leave the room in a moment of their own choosing.

In the adjoining room, the café from the Jenseits is open until 9pm.

Everyone brings with them what she/he needs to get comfortable on the ground.

The participation is based on donation. The energy balance is at its own discretion. Guide price 30 francs.

As meditation preparation, we recommend eating the spirit of calming food in the hours before, and avoiding the spirit-inspiring foods, such as citrus fruits, chillies, coffee, garlic, onions and meat.

* Oleg Bondarenko - cello
* Marlen Martha Maria Groher - voice & guitar

date & location:
4th of Dezember
Im Jenseits, 8005 Zurich
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.